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PSC No. 88 - Schedule for Natural Gas Service

PSC No. 88 - Schedule for Natural Gas Service

Table of Contents

For your convenience, we have placed the entire Tariff online (PDF).


General Information

  1. Definitions
  2. Territory to Which Schedule Applies 
  3. Increase in Prices and Charges Applicable Where Service is Supplied
  4. Daily Metered Transportation Requirements
  5. Non-Daily Metered Transportation Requirements
  6. Force Majeure
  7. Transfer of Gas
  8. Interruption and Curtailment
  9. Unauthorized Overruns 
  10. Quality of Customer-Owned Gas 
  11. Heat Content and Pressure 
  12. Reserved for Future Use 
  13. Tranportation Service Agreement
  14. Reserved for Future Use 
  15. Reserved for Future Use
  16. HEPFA Compliance Requirements
  17. Reserved for Future Use
  18. Dominion Citygate Swing Customer Balancing Service Non-Daily Metered Transportation Requirements
  19. Reserved for Future Use
  20. Non-Performance and Marketer Conditions of Service
  21. System Alerts (SAs) and Operational Flow Orders (OFOs)
  22. Creditworthiness
  23. Customer Information
  24. Billing and Collection Services and Charges
  25. Switching Requirements - Non-Daily Metered Customers 50.13
  26. Switching Requirements - Daily Metered Customers
  27. Reserved for Future Use
  28. Reserved for Future Use
  29. Reserved for Future Use
  30. Reserved for Future Use
  31. Reserved for Future Use
  32. Consolidated Billing and Payment Processing
  33. Economic Development Incentive (EDI)
  34. Economic Development Zone Incentive (EDZI)
  35. Purchase of ESCO Accounts Receivable Program
  36. Excelsior Job Program
  37. Rate Adjustment Mechanism (RAM)
  38. Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Program


Service Classifications

  1. Firm Transportation Service 
  2. Interruptible Transportation Service 
  3. Incremental Interruptible Transportation Service
  4. Cancelled
  5. Small Firm Transportation Service
  6. Transportation Service for Fueling of Natural Gas Vehicles
  7. Firm or Limited Firm Negotiated Transportation Service
  8. Reserved for Future Use 
  9. Cancelled
  10. Cancelled
  11. Non-Daily Metered Transportation Monthly Balancing Service
  12. Reserved for Future Use
  13. Residential Firm Aggregation Transportation Service
  14. Non-Residential Firm Aggregation Transportation Service
  15. Basic Electric Generation Transportation Service
  16. Non-Residential Distributed Generation Firm Transportation Service
  17. Daily Metered Transportation Daily Balancing Service
  18. Dominion Citygate Swing Customer Balancing Service
  19. Residential Distributed Generation Firm Transportation Service