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Filing a damage claim


We understand that you have suffered a loss and that you believe NYSEG may be responsible. If we are responsible, we are sorry and we want to promptly and fairly compensate you for your loss. To evaluate your claim, we must determine how the incident happened, whether or not we caused it, the extent of the damages, and what the law considers fair compensation.

If you are seeking damages as a result of a storm, the best option for you is to file a claim through your own insurance company. Please use the form located below only if there is clear evidence that NYSEG was negligent. In general, we are not responsible for damages that are caused by your use of electricity on your premises, or that are the result of forces beyond our control, such as unplanned service interruptions. For example, in most instances we are not responsible for power outages or voltage fluctuations caused by weather-related conditions (such as lightning, extreme storms, hail or wind) or other acts of nature, or accidents beyond our control (such as automobiles striking poles) that cause your loss.

Below you will find frequently asked questions about filing a claim with NYSEG.

What is your claims policy and process?
It is NYSEG’s policy to respond to claims promptly and fairly. We evaluate each claim based on the information you provide and investigate case-by-case (which may involve the review of records, interviews of employees or witnesses, and a technical evaluation).

This can take some time depending on the complexity of the incident and the quality of information you provide. Our goal is to reach a decision on your claim within 30 days of receipt of your completed claim form. However, if there are complex issues involved or if we need additional information, the process may take longer. When our investigation is complete, we will notify you in writing with our conclusion. If during this process you have any questions, please call 1.866.577.3787, press Option 3.

Who is responsible for damages?
Our determination of liability and any resulting payment for damages will be based using the information you provide, as well as any follow-up information we may gather from our own investigation. Based on this information, we will determine NYSEG's responsibility for damages, if any, under applicable legal standards.

You also have a responsibility in this process. You should retain copies of all receipts so you can provide full and accurate documentation of any loss or damage suffered. Generally, if we are responsible, we will pay the repair costs or the fair market value of an item based on its age and condition. We will pay damage claims only when there is clear evidence that NYSEG was negligent.

You must also mitigate your damages, which means that you have the duty to try to minimize the loss (such as obtaining ice to prevent food spoilage during extended outages), and to make sure that losses or expenses incurred because of an incident (such as storage costs, car rentals, wage loss, etc.) are not accumulating needlessly and that they are reasonable in relation to the loss.

What are your claim options?
You may wish to refer your claim to your insurance company, especially if you are seeking compensation from storm-related damages. Your insurer may be able to reimburse you for losses without an investigation. If so, your insurer and NYSEG can then determine whether or not we have any responsibility for the damages and, if so, agree on the amount due.

What supporting documentation is needed?
You can help us to quickly process your claim by completing the claim form as thoroughly as possible, enclosing photographs as appropriate, and providing complete and accurate supporting documentation, such as:

 For Personal Injury

  • Copy of medical records

For Lost Wages

  • The amount of time that you were unable to work
  • Payroll stubs showing your hourly or daily pay rate

 For Property Damage

  • Detailed repair estimates and/or purchase records

Please note:
Do not discard property until claim has been resolved as it may be necessary to have items reviewed by a qualified service technician.

 For Food Spoilage

  • An itemized list of the cost and type of spoiled perishable food, with receipts or documentation 

Please Note:  We evaluate food spoilage complaints based
on the recommended guidelines from the
U.S. Food and Drug Administration. We cover food loss only when there is clear evidence we were negligent.

 For Lost Revenues

  • Tax records and/or bank statements
  • Payroll records
  • Revenue and expenses statements
  • Sales receipts

For Miscellaneous Losses

  • Hotel and restaurant receipts

Property and Casualty Claim Form 

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email:   NYSEG Account number:  
Date of incident:     Time: Location of incident:  
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Description of incident:


Description of property damaged: 
Please attach repair estimates, invoices, proof of purchase, or supporting documents.



 Model/Serial no.


Repair Cost 

 Fair Market Value*

 Amount Claimed

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Other Losses: (lost wages, lost revenue, medical expenses, etc.)



*Fair Market Value: Under New York State Comparative Negligence Law, you are entitled to receive the fair market value of property destroyed; for damaged property if it is the lesser of fair market value or the cost to repair. The fair market value is defined as what a willing buyer would pay in cash to a willing seller.


Witness Information:

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Have you filed a claim with your insurance carrier?

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If we have questions regarding your claim,
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I understand that NYSEG will review all documentation in support of the claim. I certify that the foregoing is true and correct.

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