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project SHARE heating fund automatic giving form

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Simply fill out the form below. Your tax-deductible donation will appear as a charge under
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Funded by employees, customers and company donations, NYSEG and RG&E’s Project SHARE Heating Fund helps income-eligible customers pay for energy emergencies. 

To receive Project SHARE Heating Fund financial assistance, the customer must have an active account with NYSEG, have an active disconnect notice, meet the current HEAP income guideline and exhausted all other assistance. Active service members and well discharged veterans with an active disconnect notice are also eligible, but do not have to meet the income guideline. 

HeartShare Human Services of New York administers the program by receiving applications, determining eligibility and distributing grants. Each dollar donated helps someone in need. 
The NYSEG and RG&E heating funds have distributed more than $14.6 million to more
55,000 families since their inceptions.

Thank you for helping those in need!

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