Smart Savings Rewards

Get paid to use less energy

Our Smart Savings Rewards program offers incentives to residential and small business customers when they reduce electricity use during times of peak summer electricity demand, thereby helping to alleviate the strain on New York State’s power supply.

Participants allow us to make brief limited temperature adjustments from May 1 to September 30 on non-holiday weekdays when summer electricity demand is at its highest. Participation is voluntary and customers can opt out of temperature adjustments at any point by adjusting their air conditioning temperature.  

Smart Savings Rewards: Central Air Conditioning

Our Smart Savings Rewards program is available to residential and small business electricity customers who install an eligible thermostat controlling their central air conditioning equipment. Once enrolled, participants receive a $45 Amazon e-gift card. In addition, participants receive a $5 bill credit for every temperature adjustment they fully participate in. 

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