NYSEG and RG&E Installing Energy-Saving Transformers Ahead of Schedule
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Rochester, NY, April 21, 2008 – NYSEG and RG&E expect to install more than 8,000 new energy efficient distribution transformers in 2008. The companies began using the energy-saving models last August in both new construction and to replace older units that fail, considerably ahead of a schedule required by the U.S. Department of Energy.

NYSEG and RG&E are also making the new transformers even more environmentally-friendly by using vegetable-based cooling oil in the units instead of the traditional petroleum-based oil.

“These new transformers are clearly a step forward in improving the efficiency of the NYSEG and RG&E electricity delivery systems,” said Laura Conklin, vice president - technical services at NYSEG and RG&E.

Because the new transformers help reduce the amount of electricity that is “lost” as heat in the electricity delivery system, additional electricity is available to meet growing customer demand without having to generate more. “The less electricity we have to generate, the better it is for the environment,” Conklin said.

The environmental benefit of the nearly 850 energy efficient transformers installed so far by NYSEG and RG&E – including the benefit from using the new vegetable-based cooling oil – is the equivalent of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by more than 375 tons.  
 Distribution transformers are the familiar gray “cans” on utility poles – or pad-mounted units where power lines are underground – that reduce the voltage of electricity to levels suitable for use in homes and businesses.