In The Environment

In The Environment

Environmental Stewardship

We conduct our business and facility operations in a manner that minimizes adverse environmental impacts on present and future generations. One of our goals is to reduce the amount of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) released into the atmosphere as a result of generating electricity. You can help us with this goal by participating in our  New Wind Program .

Environmental Remediation Projects

Our core principles include a commitment to the well-being of our communities. Our involvement in environmental remediation initiatives are part of our continuing efforts to safeguard the environment and reduce our corporate carbon footprint, creating a sustainable community for everyone.

Ongoing projects include:

Environmental Disclosure

We provide environmental information regarding the electricity supply purchased on your behalf.

Environmental Policy

The following principles and actions provide a framework for our environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices:

  • Design an Environmental Management System that enables us to systematically plan, implement and continuously improve the processes and actions we take to meet our business and environmental goals
  • Comply with all applicable requirements of environmental laws, regulations, permit requirements and company policies applicable to our operations
  • Incorporate environmental impact considerations into decision-making processes concerning existing and future operations
  • Support the conservation of energy and natural resources through strategic planning, efficient operating practices, technology and consumer education
  • Minimize waste through recycling and other means, and properly manage any waste that is created
  • Support and implement actions designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and counteract global climate change
  • Foster a culture where employees have the encouragement, training, knowledge and resources necessary to perform their job in a manner consistent with this policy
  • Participate in the development of standards and guidelines in support of environmental stewardship
  • Communicate and demonstrate our commitment to sound environmental policies and practices
  • Support others who share our commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable development

Implementation of this policy is the responsibility of all our employees.

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