Insulation & Air Sealing Rebates

Insulation and Air Sealing Rebates

Around the Tiers: NYSEG Sealed Weatherization Program

Get $1,000 off Home Weatherization*

Does your home have drafty rooms, hot and cold spots, poor air quality caused by dust, mold or mildew? Are you having trouble staying comfortable?

With proper air sealing and insulation, you can maximize your home’s comfort while saving energy and money all year long!

You can receive an instant $1,000 discount when you weatherize your home, plus all upfront costs are completely covered! That’s right, all upfront costs are covered. The Sealed payment program covers the upfront costs of your home upgrades that will reduce your energy use, guaranteed. And you'll choose a payment plan that works best for you and your budget. It’s the easiest, most affordable way to make your home more efficient.

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Air Sealing

Close the gaps in your house that cause cold rooms in the winter and stuffy rooms in the summer.


Keep even temperatures in your home and remain comfortable all year round.


*$1,000 incentive available to qualifying customers.

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