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Rochester, NY, January 6, 2010 – As of January 1, the NYSEG Voice Your Choice electricity supply enrollment program that served as a transition from traditional regulated utility electricity supply rates to a new competitive retail electricity supply model has ended and NYSEG no longer offers a fixed-price electricity supply option. As a result, the following electricity supply changes have been made to customer accounts:

• Customers who were enrolled in either NYSEG’s fixed or variable price supply options prior to January 1 were automatically placed in the new NYSEG Supply Service option unless they selected an energy services company (ESCO) for their electricity supply. The NYSEG Supply Service option consists of a fixed delivery price and variable transition and supply prices.
• Customers who received their electricity supply from an ESCO prior to January 1 were placed in the new ESCO Supply Service option, unless they or their ESCO choose to discontinue ESCO service. The ESCO Supply Service option consists of a fixed delivery price, a variable transition charge and electricity supply provided by the ESCO under terms agreed to by an ESCO and a customer.

 NYSEG customers can now choose between the NYSEG Supply Service option and the ESCO Supply Service option at any time. Before customers select a supplier they should ask the following questions:

• What is your charge per kilowatt-hour for electricity supply?
• Is this a fixed charge or does it vary depending on market price, time-of-day or use?
• What is the length of the agreement or contract?
• Is there a security deposit, cancellation fee or other fees?
• Do you have any incentives for signing up with you?
• Do you guarantee savings?
• When will I be billed for energy supply and are your charges included in my NYSEG bill?
• What procedures are in place if I have a question or a complaint with you as my supplier?

 To learn more about energy supply choice and for a list of ESCOs visit nyseg.com, click on “Usage and Safety,” then on “Choose an Energy Supplier.”