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NYSEG Leak Surveys Help Ensure Continuing Safe, Reliable Natural Gas Service

Rochester, NY – Beginning Monday, May 23 and continuing through the summer, Heath Consultants of Houston, a NYSEG contractor, will be conducting natural gas leak surveys across NYSEG’s natural gas service area. These surveys are an important tool in ensuring safe, reliable natural gas service.

Workers conducting the surveys will be checking natural gas mains as well as natural gas services on customers’ properties. Heath employees may also ask to enter a residence or business if they are investigating a leak.

All Heath vehicles will be clearly marked and all Heath employees will carry NYSEG contractor photo ID. Any NYSEG customer who has doubts about someone claiming to be a NYSEG employee or contractor should ask the person for the name and phone number of their supervisor. NYSEG employees and contractors will be glad to wait while a customer contacts the person’s supervisor.

Federal regulations require that NYSEG check a portion of its natural gas system for leaks each year. That mandated work will continue to be done by NYSEG employees; the work being done by Heath is in addition to the mandated work.

Any NYSEG natural gas mains and services not checked this year will be checked next year.