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NYSEG Rebates Available for High Efficiency Natural Gas Furnaces and Boilers

Binghamton, NY – In the aftermath of the devastating flooding in the Southern Tier, NYSEG reminds its customers that rebates are available for furnace and boiler replacements.

NYSEG natural gas customers who replace a furnace or boiler with a qualifying high efficiency model may receive a rebate of up to $340 for a furnace and $560 for a boiler.

In addition to NYSEG’s rebates, Governor Cuomo has announced an $8 million equipment and appliance replacement rebate program to assist victims of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee. Under the state’s program, replacing a damaged furnace may qualify for a rebate up to $2,000 and replacing a damaged boiler may qualify for a rebate up to $2,500.

NYSEG natural gas customers who were impacted by flooding can receive funds through both the NYSEG program and the state program.

>> Call 1.800.995.9525 or visit www.nyseg.com/energyefficiencyprograms/ to learn more about NYSEG’s rebates.

>> Call 1.877.697.6278 or visit www.nysappliancerebates.com to learn more about the state rebate program.