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NYSEG Taking to the Sky to Help Ensure Safe, Reliable Service

Rochester, NY – (February 17, 2012) Helicopters will be taking to the sky in the Binghamton area over the next few weeks to assist NYSEG, an Iberdrola USA subsidiary, in its continuous efforts to provide safe, reliable electricity service.

Beginning Tuesday, February 21 and continuing into early March, as weather permits, Haverfield Helicopters, a NYSEG contractor, will be pruning trees along transmission rights of way in the towns of Chenango and Fenton as well as the Nimmonsburg, Kattelville and North Afton areas using a special saw that hangs beneath a helicopter.

During March, Haverfield will also be conducting patrols of major NYSEG transmission lines in the Binghamton area.

“Getting a bird’s-eye view of our transmission lines from helicopters is a fast and efficient way for us to spot potential vegetation or equipment issues before they can cause a power interruption and inconvenience our customers,” said Mark S. Lynch, president of NYSEG and RG&E.