NYSEG and RG&E Continue to Grow Fleet of Environmentally-Friendly Vehicles
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NYSEG and RG&E Continue to Grow Fleet of Environmentally-Friendly Vehicles

Rochester , NY – NYSEG and RG&E, subsidiaries of Iberdrola USA, have added three more environmentally-friendly vehicles to the dozens already on the job across the state.

At RG&E, employees are now using a Chevy Volt for in-town travel. The company plans to install charging stations at its 89 East Avenue facility which will fully charge the Volt’s batteries in four hours or less and accommodate additional electric vehicles in the future.

At NYSEG, one Altec bucket truck with an electric hybrid lift is on the job in Mechanicville and an identical unit will be on the road in Binghamton later this month. Once this new-generation bucket truck arrives at a job site, the diesel engine can be shut off and the bucket can be operated on battery power – cutting emissions and reducing noise. The quiet lift operation also makes communication between personnel in the bucket and on the ground easier and safer.

“Adding these vehicles to our fleet is further evidence of our commitment to the environment and our desire to gather first-hand information on how they perform,” said Mark S. Lynch, president of NYSEG and RG&E.

The following environmentally-friendly vehicles are also in NYSEG and RG&E’s fleet:

• 47 Ford Focus Partial Zero Emissions Vehicles used as pool vehicles and assigned to supervisors and managers.

• 56 Ford Escape Hybrids used as transportation for field supervisors, managers and field services representatives.

• 2 Freightliner hybrid bucket trucks used for trouble response in urban areas to maximize fuel savings.

NYSEG and RG&E intend to add more environmentally-friendly vehicles to the fleet as technologies prove to be an efficient fit.