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NYSEG’s Lockport Employees Achieve Accident-Free Milestone: 500 Days

Lockport, NY – NYSEG, a subsidiary of Iberdrola USA, is intensely focused on providing a safe working environment for employees. The company’s 48 Lockport Division employees used that focus to reach a notable milestone on July 5: 500 consecutive days without an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)-recordable accident, a preventable motor vehicle accident or a lost-time accident.

“We are especially proud of our safety record because of the potential hazards that many of our front line employees deal with every day,” said Mark S. Lynch, president of NYSEG and RG&E. “This achievement by our Lockport employees is clear evidence that when each of us takes personal responsibility for safety, we can achieve remarkable results.”

The last OSHA-recordable accident in NYSEG’s Lockport Division occurred on February 18, 2012. Prior to that, employees there had gone 514 days without an incident.

NYSEG’s Lockport Division employees work in electric and natural gas field operations and associated support groups, customer service, system protection and fleet operations. They provide electricity and natural gas service to customers in the Town and City of Lockport and natural gas service to customers in Niagara and Orleans counties. NYSEG serves approximately 4,400 electricity customers and 15,900 natural gas customers.

Generally, an OSHA-recordable injury or illness is one that requires medical treatment beyond first-aid, may result in days away from work or an incident that causes permanent disability or death; a preventable motor vehicle accident is any motor vehicle accident where the operator of the vehicle failed to do everything reasonable to avoid the accident; a lost-time accident is a work-related injury that results in time away from work.