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NYSEG Business Customers in Region Saving Big by Participating in Energy Efficiency Programs
Kenyon’s Convenience Stores Among Those Reaping Rewards

Rochester, NY – NYSEG, a subsidiary of Iberdrola USA, has completed an energy efficiency project that will save Kenyon’s Convenience Stores approximately $12,700 a year. Kenyon’s is just one of more than 2,000 NYSEG business customers in Erie and Niagara counties that are saving more than 23 million kilowatt-hours of electricity – enough to power more than 2,400 homes for a year – by participating in NYSEG’s Small Business Energy Efficiency Program.

Co-owner Kevin Kenyon first participated in the energy-saving programs in 2010 when he upgraded lighting in the stores. NYSEG paid 70% of the cost of the upgrades. Then, earlier this year, Kenyon had 32 electronically-controlled motors, four evaporator fan controls and seven temperature door controls installed on coolers at four NYSEG-area convenience stores. These improvements will save $12,000 a year, with just a six-month payback on Kenyon’s portion of the project.

“This program is a no-brainer,” Kenyon said. “I know I have saved significant money.”

Customers that have less than 110 kilowatts of demand can receive a free energy assessment to find out if they have lighting or commercial refrigeration that can be updated. Those recommendations could include LEDs, hi-bay/low-bay fixture replacements, exterior wall-packs, canopy lighting and refrigeration. If cost-effective opportunities are found during the assessment, NYSEG will pay up to 70% of the cost to complete the installation.

Businesses can call 1.877.359.9814 (toll free) to find out if they are eligible, or visit www.nyseg.com. Funding is limited, and is offered on a first-come first served basis.