natural gas expansion area and schedule

Town of Plattsburgh

Here is the approved expansion area and schedule.

 Year  Streets  Street Number
 2014  Banker Road  29-96
   Harpp Street  Entire
   Old Orchard Street  Entire
 2015  Addams Road  Entire
   Algonquin Park Drive  Entire
   Allen Road  Entire
   Barton Road  Entire
   Bay Road  Entire
   Blair Road  Entire
   Brandell Drive  Entire
   Bristol Road  Entire
   Calbi Way  Entire
   Cayuga Road  Entire
   Chenango Road  Entire
   Colligan Point Road  Entire
   Com. MacDonough Hwy.  192-196
   Cumberland Head Road  3, 152-497, 987-1544
   Firehouse Lane  Entire
   Fiske Lane  Entire
   Fjord Drive  Entire
   Genesee Lane  Entire
   Gravelly Point Drive  Entire
   Hardy Road  Entire
   Iroquois Street  Entire
   Jefferson Road  Entire
   Kensington Road  Entire
   Lake Breeze Drive  Entire
   Lakeview Drive  Entire
   Latinville Drive  Entire
   Mansfield Drive  Entire
   Mohawk Road  Entire
   Mohican Lane  Entire
   Onondaga Lane  Entire
   Oswego Lane  Entire
   Poplar Drive  Entire
   Pristine Drive  Entire
   Quarter Horse Lane  Entire
   Quinn Lane  Entire
   Rocky Point Road  Entire
   Seneca Drive  Entire
   Siwanoy Lane  Entire
   Smith Drive  Entire
   Spearman Road  Entire
   Tioga Lane  Entire
   Valhalla Lane  Entire
   West Shore Drive  Entire
   Wild Goose Lane  Entire
 2016   Kemp Lane  Entire
   Linda Lane  Entire
   LTS Street  Entire
   Quality Drive  Entire
   Runway Drive  Entire
   Salmon River Road  9-60
   Sharron Ave  119-183
   State Route 22  3974-4095
 2017  Goddeau Road  97-186
   Park Row  Entire
   Rascoe Road  Entire
   Shady Lane  Entire
   Wallace Hill Road  519-599