natural gas expansion area and schedule

Town of Peru

Here is the approved expansion area and schedule.

 Year  Streets  Street Number
 2016  State Route 22 3064-3179
   Valcour Heights  Entire
   South Junction Road 4-40
   State Route 9  3918-4047
 2017  Cayea Road  Entire
   Henry Sr. Drive  Entire
   Lapham Mills Road  299, 315-349, 128
 2018   Aubrey Lane  Entire
   Birchwood Drive  Entire
  Dashnaw Road  327-356
   Eva Drive  Entire
   Haynes Terrace  Entire
   Howard Drive  Entire
   Holden Avenue  Entire
   Lapham Mills Road  356-590, 618-662
   Locust Drive  Entire
   Maiden Lane  2-22
   McDonald Place  Entire
   McIntosh Drive  Entire
   Ratcliffe Drive  Entire
   State Route 22  3420-3470