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bottled water and dry ice

Updated 05/21/18  6:00 p.m.


Dry ice and bottled water is not available at this time.




dry ice and food storage safety

If you're using dry ice,
handle it safely. Click here
for instructions.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture offers food safety tips should a storm cause your home to lose power, or bring water or flooding to your door.
A full list is available here.


How we restore service:

Our first priority is responding to known incidents of downed power lines to make the situations safe. 

Once this vital public safety work is complete, we will:

• Assess the damage to the
  electricity delivery system.
• Develop a detailed restoration
• Make repairs as quickly as

How we restore power following major storms:

We first repair the backbone of the electricity system – transmission lines and substations – that bring electricity to the local distribution system that serves our customers. We then make any necessary repairs to the distribution system that includes the poles and power lines along streets and roads. As part of this process, we take into account the needs of hospitals, nursing homes, fire and police stations, as well as any other critical infrastructure.

We also keep in regular contact with our customers who depend on electrically-operated life support equipment.

This is a time-proven process that ensures we safely restore service as quickly and efficiently as possible.