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electricity tariffs

Tariffs on file with the Public Service Commission (PSC):


>> PSC No. 119 (formerly PSC No. 90)(PDF)

Electric Rules and Regulations General pertaining to obtaining service, billing and
collections for all customers.

>> PSC No. 120 (formerly PSC No. 115) (PDF)

Electric rate information details pertaining to the rates and eligibility for each service classification.

>> PSC No. 121 (formerly PSC No. 118) (PDF)

Electric street lighting rates for Public Authorities.

Rate Summaries

Statements on file with the Public Service Commission (PSC)

>> Underground Residential Distribution Contribution (URD) Statement

>> Tax Surcharge (TSP) Statements

>> Transition Charge (TCS) Statements

>> Economic Incentive Rate (EIR) Statements

>> Purchase of ESCO Account Receivable (POR) Discount (DISC) Statements

>> Supply Charge (SC) Statements

>> Merchant Function Charge (MFC) Statements

>> Renewable Portfolio Standard Charge (RPS) Statement (These statements are no longer effective as of March 1, 2016.  Previous statements have been left for historical purposes).

>> System Benefits Charge (SBC) Statement

>> Temporary State Assessment Surcharge (TSAS) Statement

>> Revenue Decoupling Mechanism (RDM) Statements

>> Reliability Support Services (RSS) Statements PSC No. 120

>> Reliability Support Services (RSS) Statements PSC No. 121

>> Residential Agricultural Discount (RAD) PSC No. 120

>> Clean Energy Standard (CES) Statements


>> SC13 Addendum 

>> SC14 Addendum 

>> Uniform Business Practices (UBP) Addendum

>> Standardized Interconnection Requirements (SIR) Addendum

>> Electric Metering (MET) Addendum

Please note that it is the customer's responsibility to select the most advantageous service classification for which they qualify. The charges specified in this electronic summary do not include any applicable state and/or local revenue taxes. This is only a generalized summary of the electricity rates. Customers should always refer to NYSEG's Public Service Commission approved tariff for a complete description of the terms and conditions of service.


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