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meter reading schedules

Accounts are read either monthly or bimonthly on a business day according to the cycle the account is numbered. In some cases, if we are unable to obtain an actual reading, we will provide an estimated reading or the customer can provide a reading.

On the meter reading schedule shown below, the first three columns represent the cycles scheduled for billing on that day. Cycles 1-21 include meters read every month. Cycles 41-91 are read every other month on an odd or even numbered month, as specified. Bills will be estimated for the months meters are not read.

On the meter read schedule, the months are listed across the horizontal top line and the corresponding read date is listed vertically. On the horizontal line across from the three cycles scheduled for billing that day is the date of the month the read will occur. A single asterisk (*) in front of the date indicates that cycle will be read the prior month. Two asterisks (**) in front of the month indicates the date is in the next month.


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