Usage and Safety 
energy supply and delivery

NYSEG electricity and natural gas customers can purchase
energy from NYSEG or one of many other suppliers, also known
as energy services companies or ESCOs.

NYSEG is your energy delivery company. Whether you purchase your electricity and/or natural gas supply from NYSEG or a supplier other than NYSEG, NYSEG will continue to deliver your energy, safely and reliably. If your power is interrupted, you have a natural gas emergency or you have questions regarding your energy delivery service, NYSEG will be there for you.


Energy Supplier Delivery


Your energy price is made up of delivery, supply and transition charges. The delivery charge is what you pay NYSEG to transport energy to you over our pipes and power lines and is a fixed charge with any supply option you choose. The supply charge is what you pay your supplier for the energy you use. The transition charge reflects the costs of making the energy industry more competitive.