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Safety First – Know What's Below. Call Dig Safely New York

Construction season is here. Don't put your safety or the public safety at risk. Contact Dig Safely New York to have underground facilities marked before doing excavation work. It's the law. You can be fined and we'll charge you for repairs if you damage our electric or natural gas services because you failed to call Dig Safely New York. Call Dig Safely New York at 811 or visit www.digsafelynewyork.com.
Natural Gas Safety Devices
Excess Flow Valves (EFV) are a safety device installed on some natural gas service lines. Learn more here.

If you suspect you may have a natural gas leak or carbon monoxide go outside and call NYSEG at 1.800.572.1121.

Police and Fire Depts.

When responding to a
natural gas emergency,
please call NYSEG and
then follow these steps.

Natural Gas Safety

Learn how to handle an emergency and how to recognize natural gas leaks.

Gas Pipeline Safety

Regular inspections and maintenance are the best way to keep your pipes in peak operating condition.

Carbon Monoxide

Recognize the warning signs of carbon monoxide build-up and the symptoms of poisoning.