Usage and Safety 
residential natural gas rebate program

Program Guidelines (for a printable .pdf, click here and see page 2)

  1. All rebate requests must be reserved at or using our electronic reservation form, or by calling the
    energy efficiency hotline at 1.800.995.9525. Your reservation will generate a uniquely-numbered rebate form that you or the energy efficiency hotline will print and use to apply for the rebate. No rebate form will be accepted without a prior reservation for the exact equipment to be rebated. Rebate applications must be postmarked within 60 days of the rebate reservation date as all rebate reservations expire after 60 days.
  2. Rebate applications are uniquely numbered to associate them with a rebate reservation. Any rebate application lacking this unique number will automatically be rejected.
  3. Please be sure that the equipment you are reserving for your rebate is the same equipment to be installed. If you are not sure, verify this with your contractor before submitting a rebate reservation. Rebate processing of forms received listing equipment that differs from the rebate reservation will be delayed.
  4. Eligible equipment must be installed at the location corresponding to the NYSEG or RG&E residential natural gas customer account number provided on this rebate application.
  5. If you are a landlord and own the property where the equipment is to be installed, you must call the energy efficiency hotline at 1.800.995.9525 to request a rebate application. You must also provide proof of ownership (such as a tax bill or water bill) that includes the address where the eligible equipment is installed.
  6. If you do not own the property where the equipment is to be installed, you must have the right or permission from the property
    owner to install the equipment (this requirement does not apply to programmable thermostats).
  7. If more than one of the same type of eligible equipment is installed (e.g., two furnaces or two boilers), complete a
    separate rebate reservation and rebate application for each unit of eligible equipment. Note: Maximum rebate amount 
    per account cannot exceed total installed price.
  8. Installations must conform to all applicable codes, standards and the rebate program Terms and Conditions.
  9. Contractors must conduct a heat loss calculation and size any eligible heating equipment accordingly.
  10. Indirect water heaters must be in current production, of well insulated design and installed with a new qualifying natural gas boiler (an indirect water heater uses heat from the main boiler to produce domestic hot water). Programmable thermostats must be installed with new qualifying natural gas furnaces or boilers.
  11. This program may be modified or terminated at any time and without notice.
  12. Correction requests to rebate applications that have already been processed and paid must be made within 30 days of the date the rebate check was mailed to the customer. Correction requests received after 30 days from the mail date of the rebate check will not be honored.
  13. Natural Gas Furnace Tune-Up Rebate: Applies to existing natural gas forced air furnaces only; boilers are excluded. Limited to one tune-up rebate every five years. Effective January 1, 2016. The tune-up must include the following services:
      • Carbon Monoxide (CO) test and adjustment if CO is too high.
      • Flame check and adjustment if necessary.
      • Flue gas path check from burner to vent for cleanliness or leaks, with cleaning and reporting as necessary.
      • Pilot/igniter system check for proper operation.
      • Blower assembly check, lubrication and cleaning as necessary.
      • Filter check and replacement as necessary.

    14.    Natural Gas Heating Conversion Rebate Program: Conversion rebates are available to all homeowners who convert their 
              primary heating equipment to natural gas heating equipment. Customer heating equipment must meet NYSEG and 
              RG&E residential natural gas rebate program qualifications. An additional rebate is available to customers participating in   
              the natural gas heating conversion program who have received HEAP benefits within twelve (12) months prior to the rebate 
              application date and can provide a HEAP award letter. This program is effective for installations completed on or after July 29, 
              2014 in Clinton County and other targeted conversion areas, or July 1, 2016 in all other areas.