Usage and Safety 
residential natural gas rebate program

Terms and Conditions (for a printable version, click here and see page 3)

  1. Customer Eligibility: Eligible customers must be residential natural gas customers of NYSEG with an active utility account or have proof of ownership of a property served by NYSEG.
  2. Submission Deadline: Rebate applications must be filled out completely, signed, accompanied by dated, itemized receipts showing the total installed cost of each piece of equipment, proof of ownership (when necessary).
  3. Equipment Eligibility: The energy efficiency level of the eligible equipment determines the rebate amount (defined in the equipment rebate list). The maximum rebate amount per account cannot exceed the total installed price.

    To be eligible, furnaces and boilers must be Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) or ENERGY STAR® approved. To determine if your equipment qualifies, view the AHRI or ENERGY STAR® websites. NYSEG will provide rebates for approved equipment up to the rebate amount indicated on the equipment rebate list. Projects greater than ten units per account number require preapproval from NYSEG for rebate funds to be reserved. Call 1.800.995.9525 for preapproval.

    Eligible equipment must be installed at the address corresponding to the NYSEG account number given on the rebate application. All rebated equipment must be installed within one year of the application date. Furnace tune-up rebates are for existing natural gas furnaces only, limited to one rebate every five years, and effective for tune-ups completed on or after January 1, 2016. Tune-ups must also be paid for on or after January 1, 2016. Tune-ups completed as part of a service contract pre-dating January 1, 2016, are not eligible for the rebate.

    Customers are not eligible to receive a NYSEG rebate and a NYSERDA incentive for the same energy efficiency measure. To learn more about NYSERDA initiatives, visit NYSERDA’s Web site at or call 1.877.NYSMART (1.877.697.6278).
  4. Changes to Residential Natural Gas Equipment Rebate Program: This program may be modified or terminated at any time and without notice. This program will automatically stop taking new rebate reservations when program funding is exhausted. In the event that the rebate amount changes during the course of the program, the application postmark date will be used to determine equipment eligibility and rebate amount.
  5. Installation Verification: Prior to or after paying any rebate, NYSEG reserves the right to conduct a site visit to verify that the installed equipment is eligible for rebate. The site visit, and all aspects related to the site visit, is conducted solely for such purpose. The site visit is not a safety review and is not intended for any other purposes. A rebate will not be paid if NYSEG is not able to conduct any required verification.
  6. Contractor Verification: Eligible equipment must be installed by a licensed contractor or a contractor who has provided you with either a Federal ID (tax) number or a Certificate of Insurance. NYSEG reserves the right to confirm the validity of your contractor.
  7. Warranties: NYSEG, RG&E and the utility rebate administrator do not endorse, guarantee or warrant any particular contractor, manufacturer or installation. NYSEG, RG&E and the utility rebate administrator do not guarantee any energy savings as a result of the purchase and installation of eligible equipment.
  8. Property Rights: Rebate applicants hereby represent and warrant that if they do not own the property where the eligible equipment is to be installed, participant has the right and/or consent from the landlord or owner of the property to have the eligible equipment installed.
  9. Tax Liability: Rebate recipients of the program may be subject to tax liability for the value of goods and services received through the program pursuant to state or federal income tax codes. NYSEG, RG&E and the utility rebate administrator are not responsible for any tax liability which may be imposed as a result of receipt of the rebates provided by NYSEG or RG&E to the customer.
  10. Liability and Release: As part of the consideration for participating in the program, rebate recipients hereby release and shall indemnify, hold harmless and defend NYSEG or RG&E and the utility rebate administrator from any and all claims, losses, harm, costs, liabilities, damages and expenses (including attorneys’ fees) of any nature whatsoever arising directly or indirectly out of or in connection with the installation of high efficiency equipment at the premises or any material and labor required for such installation.