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Frequently Asked Questions for Trade Allies


Why are NYSEG and RG&E offering rebates?
This rebate program is part of the New York State Public Service Commission's (PSC) Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (EEPS)
for New York State.

The purpose of the rebate program is to encourage customers to purchase and install higher efficiency equipment, thereby reducing
the state’s overall energy consumption and encouraging wise energy use. The NYSEG/RG&E rebate is offered to cover a portion of
any additional cost for purchasing high efficiency versus standard efficiency equipment.

What is being offered?
NYSEG and RG&E offer rebates to eligible residential natural gas and electricity customers who replace their existing furnace, boiler or water heater with high-efficiency natural gas equipment. The replacement equipment must meet specific efficiency ratings. Indirect natural gas water heaters may also be eligible for rebates when installed at the time of a qualifying furnace or boiler installation. This program is also available to eligible customers who build a new home and install eligible equipment. All rebated equipment must be installed no earlier than October 1, 2010 for RG&E customers, and no earlier than April 1, 2011 for NYSEG customers. Tank type (storage) and tankless natural gas water heaters must be ENERGY STAR approved and installed on or after July 1, 2014 to qualify for rebates. Furnace tune-up rebates are for existing natural gas furnaces only, limited to one rebate every five years, effective January 1, 2016.

What measures will qualify and what are the rebate amounts?
To view the list of qualifying equipment and available rebates click here.

Natural gas furnaces and boilers must be Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) or ENERGY STAR approved. To determine if the equipment qualifies, go to the AHRI and ENERGY STAR websites. Tank type (storage) and tankless natural gas water heaters must be ENERGY STAR approved.

In order to be eligible for the higher ECM rebate amounts, natural gas furnaces must:  

  • Meet AFUE rating and
  • Be certified in the AHRI directory including a footnote indicating “ECM MOTOR 'e' Electrically Efficient Furnace” or
  • Have a manufacturer’s spec sheet that specifically states the natural gas furnace includes an ECM.  Including this spec sheet with rebate applications should facilitate rebate processing.

Where can I get a rebate application?
You can use our convenient online rebate application, or call our energy efficiency hotline at 1.800.995.9525, and ask for a rebate application to be mailed to you.

What information must I provide to the customer for the rebate application?
Contractors must be licensed or must provide the customer with either a Federal ID number or a Certificate of Insurance. A paid invoice must be submitted with the rebate application. 

The paid invoice must indicate:

  • Retailer/Contractor name, business address and phone.
  • Equipment type, manufacturer and model number of each piece of equipment.
  • Total installed cost of each piece of equipment.
  • Installation date and service address.  

When must rebate applications be submitted?
Rebate applications must be filled out completely, signed, accompanied by dated receipt(s), and proof of property ownership when necessary.

How long will it take for the customer to receive his/her rebate check?
Generally a rebate check will be mailed within 4 to 6 weeks. If the customer’s application is selected for verification, rebate processing may take additional time.

Will my work be inspected?
No; however, NYSEG or RG&E may require a site visit to verify that equipment is eligible for rebate and that it is installed at the address corresponding to the NYSEG or RG&E account number listed on the rebate application.

Is it possible my customer’s equipment, once installed, is not eligible for the rebate?
The energy efficiency level of the equipment determines eligibility. This information is specified on the rebate application.

Your customer may not be eligible for other reasons. It is imperative to review the program Terms and Conditions (found on page 3 of the rebate application) prior to installation in order to determine equipment eligibility. If you have any doubt about a specific piece of equipment or installation qualifying for the rebate, please call our energy efficiency hotline at 1.800.995.9525.

What about the do-it-yourselfers?
All products, except for Wi-Fi enabled thermostats, must be installed using a licensed contractor or a contractor that can supply either a Federal ID number or a Certificate of Insurance.

Where can I get more information about this program?
For more information about the NYSEG/RG&E residential rebate program, call our energy efficiency hotline at 1.800.995.9525.