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nonresidential rate changes

Changes for Nonresidential Customers

The New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) approved new electricity and natural gas rates for NYSEG that went into effect September 26, 2010.  View our pricing and tariffs pages to learn more and read our bill insert.

Economic Incentive Customers:

  • Economic Incentive rate customers billed under Incremental Load Incentive (ILI), Economic Development Incentive (EDI) and Economic Development Zone Incentive (EDZI post July 1, 2003) service classifications have the following changes:
    1. The Economic Incentives have been adjusted to reflect the delivery cost of electricity. The incentive delivery cost of electricity is now the same as the current base rate that these customers have chosen for their NYSEG electric account.
    2. Some of the changes Economic Incentive customers will see on their next
      (or most recent) bill:
      •   Charges may be prorated to reflect prices in effect before and after
           the September 26 change.
      •    Individual billing line items will no longer be labeled with the incentive
           name because the incentive rate is the same as the base rate.


Streetlight Customers:

  • A new streetlight Service Classification 4 (SC 4) has been created. Click here to learn more about street lighting rates.


Standby Service Customers:

  • Customers taking standby service will pay the same monthly Transition Charge as customers taking service under the otherwise applicable standard SC rates.