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CA$HBACK Programs

Want to put some CA$HBACK into your bottom line? 

NYSEG’s CA$HBACK and CA$HBACK plus are two Emergency Demand Response Programs (EDRP) that reward businesses for reducing their electrical load during specific curtailment periods.

How They Work

  • The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) is responsible for balancing statewide electricity supply and demand.
  • On occasion, the NYISO determines that it’s necessary for consumers to reduce electricity use in order to ensure the continued reliability of the statewide power grid.
  • By participating in CA$HBACK or CA$HBACK plus, you reduce your electricity use upon request and help ensure there is sufficient electricity supply during times of particularly high demand.
  • CA$HBACK offers you the opportunity to voluntarily reduce your electricity load; you only receive payment when you reduce your use.
  • CA$HBACK plus requires you to reduce electricity load and gives you a guaranteed payment.

What You Get For Participating

  • We will credit your NYSEG bill based on the price per kilowatt hour (kwh) for the curtailment period and the number of kwh not consumed.

To Sign Up for CA$HBACK or CA$HBACK plus
Contact your NYSEG marketing representative today. We’ll be glad to work with you to determine if CA$HBACK or CA$HBACK plus are right for your business.

CA$HBACK Customer Contact Information
Current participants can update their program contact information.



CA$HBACK details

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