Demand Response Programs
Usage and Safety 
demand response programs

Get paid to use less energy

Our Demand Response programs offer incentives to residential, small business and industrial customers when they reduce electricity use during times of peak demand. Click on the programs below to find out how your home or business could benefit and help alleviate the strain on New York State’s power supply.

Day Ahead Peak Demand for 08/15/2018: 2,472 MW (76.0% of summer peak of 3,254)


Smart Savings Rewards

Programs available to residential and small business customers who agree to install qualifying controls on their air conditioning equipment.

CA$HBACK Programs

CA$HBACK and CA$HBACK plus are two programs that reward your business for reducing energy consumption when requested.

Commercial System
Relief Program

This program gives you advance notice to reduce your energy consumption and receive compensation.

Distribution Load
Relief Program

This program is available to select customers in parts 
of our electric service area. Eligible customers receive compensation for participation.