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How do I sign up? 
Please Write to NYSEG for ordering information, or you can call 1.800.35.NYSEG (1.800.356.9734).

What are the advantages?
More of our energy needs can be met through clean, wind-generated electricity. By supporting wind energy you can help the environment and make our communities even better places to live and work.

Why purchase wind energy?
It's a renewable energy source which means it can never be depleted. Wind Energy is a "green" energy source that also promotes our energy independence.

How much can it help?
Purchasing 200 kilowatt-hours of wind energy every month for one year reduces carbon dioxide emissions the equivalent to planting 1 acre of trees or not driving 2,194 miles.

I get my electricity from a supplier other than NYSEG. Can I still buy wind energy from NYSEG?
Yes. You can support wind energy regardless of who supplies your electricity. You will receive a certificate that verifies your purchase.

Can I be sure that wind energy I buy is delivered to my meter?
We can assure you that the wind energy you purchase is delivered to the New York power grid for statewide distribution, so your purchase makes a real difference.

How much do I have to buy?
You can purchase 200 kilowatt-hours or more of wind energy per month. If your electricity consumption averages six hundred kilowatt-hours per month – and you wish to purchase 100% wind energy – you can buy no more than six hundred kilowatt-hours per month.

Want to learn more about green power?
Call the Public Service Commission toll-free at 1.866.GRN.POWR (1.866.476.7697) to receive information about environmentally-friendly energy sources.

Learn More
For more information, review the product content label or call us at 1.800.35.NYSEG (1.800.356.9734).