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natural gas vehicles

Choose a less expensive, environmentally responsible and locally produced fuel for your fleet vehicles. As environmental and energy security concerns push policy makers toward reducing natural dependence on oil markets, many alternative vehicle fuels have been proposed. One fuel already in use today is natural gas.  International vehicle manufacturers that support NGV programs include British Leyland, Mercedes Benz and Toyota. In the United States, NGVs are produced by Chrysler, Ford and General Motors.

Protect the Environment
Environmental concerns, such as ozone/carbon monoxide pollution in urban areas and acid rain are increasing interest in the use of cleaner fuels. Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, and its use helps reduce vehicle emissions. In addition, no underground tanks are required for storage, thus eliminating potential danger of oil contamination or pollution of underground water supplies.

Protect Your Bottom Line
Natural gas for vehicle use can be as much as 25% less expensive than conventional liquid fuels. It is cheaper to produce and transport, and it does not require expensive refining as do finished petroleum products.

Ensure Your Energy Supply
Countries like the United States, with available supplies of natural gas, are finding that
the use of NGVs can help solve trade imbalances caused by oil imports. In fact, with
current technology and consumption, the United States has a 50-year supply in the lower
48 states alone.

Interstate and local distribution systems have the capability to transport natural gas directly to the customer’s point of use. Underground pipelines are the safest and most efficient means to transport energy. Gasoline and diesel fuel require highway transport by tanker trucks, adding to highway congestion.