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natural gas lighting

Add charm, value, and security to your home with natural gas outdoor lamps. Combining timeless elegance with energy efficient technology, natural gas outdoor lamps are the perfect solution for lighting patios, decks, and walkways with a warm amber glow.

Beautify Your Home
Natural gas lamps can be mounted on posts or pedestals for front yard and patio installations, or on walls for lighting walkways and entryways. As an added bonus, natural gas outdoor lamps don’t attract insects as readily as conventional outdoor electric lights.

Natural gas outdoor lighting will set your house apart from your neighbors’ with a special elegance, during the summer and all through the year!

For Best Results
If you’re using natural gas powered pool heaters, deck warmers, or gas lights, make sure
you turn them off when they are not needed or use a timer. Just eight gas lamps burning
year round use as much natural gas as it takes to heat an average-size home during an
entire winter.  

Natural-gas fueled torches prohibited
The New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) has prohibited the use of natural gas in natural-gas fired decorative torches. A decorative torch is defined as any device in which natural gas is used as a fuel to produce an open flame, whether or not such flame is open to the atmosphere or enclosed in glass or other appropriate covering. Service is permitted for outdoor lighting fixtures wherein a mantle is employed that enables the natural gas to be converted to useful lighting.