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fireplaces and fire pits

Enjoy the warmth and and coziness of a fire without hauling wood.  What could be more pleasing than a nice warm fire? In a traditional fireplace or a casual
fire pit in the back yard, natural gas fires can help you create a gathering place for friends
and family.

Indoors or out on the patio, with friends or family or with that special person, the fireplace can help set the mood on any occasion. With a natural gas fireplace, you can create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere without the mess and fuss of a wood fire. With the variety of styles and sizes now available, there is literally a hearth for every home.

Fire Pit
One of the hottest new concepts on the market is using a natural gas fire pit or campfire. Imagine relaxing on your patio or deck with a fire that is easy to turn on and off, one that will provide a warm cozy atmosphere, with the convenience of clean burning natural gas. Enjoy the great outdoors with the natural beauty of a natural gas campfire!