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natural gas grills

Everyone who likes to cook will love being spoiled by a natural   gas grill. Natural gas grills are the key to gourmet grilling. Natural gas provides complete control of the flame, from low heat for slow smoking and grilling, to high heat for braising
and searing.

Natural gas grills are convenient, safe, fast and easy to use. Forget the worry of running out of propane in the middle of a barbecue and the hassle of refilling the tank. Natural gas grills tap directly into your home’s natural gas supply.

Easy, Flexible Installation
Installation is a snap. Grills can be mounted on a permanent post, built into a brick base or put on a cart with a quick-disconnect so the grill can be easily moved. At one time, rigid, threaded black iron pipe was the industry standard for natural gas lines. But in recent years the development of quick disconnect valves and fittings and flexible natural gas supply hoses has made it easy to change the location of your outdoor appliances.

For Best Results
If you’d like to save energy and increase flavor, you might want to consider switching to the latest in outdoor cooking technology – infrared. The heat from the burner of an infrared grill heats the food and not the surrounding air. This intense heat sears the outside of your food, locks the moisture and flavor inside, and cooks food faster. You save energy, eliminate
pre-heating the grill and shorten your cooking time. Infrared grilling gives you the flavor of a
hot charcoal fire with the control of a natural gas flame.

Available for several years only on expensive high-end grills, infrared is now available in a variety of moderately priced grills. If it’s time for a new grill in your backyard, check out energy saving, flavor enhancing infrared!


did you know? 

While new grills are often large enough to feed an entire army, you should match the size of the grill to the number of people you entertain. With the right sized grill, you’ll save energy and be less likely to burn your food!