Advantages of Electric Space and Water Heating
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advantages of electric space and water heating

Electricity is a good choice for home heating and hot water
Compared to oil and propane prices, electricity is currently competitive with propane, and our off peak electricity rate is competitive with oil prices. 

Electric Heat Can Save You Money
Consider using energy-efficient electric heat to supplement your central heating system. A portable energy-efficient electric space heater or electric baseboard heat could warm select rooms allowing you to keep your main thermostat down while ensuring continued comfort.

Plus electricity offers benefits of easy installation, low equipment costs and fuel cost stability.


Frequently Asked Questions
Will fuel comparisons remain constant in the future? No. All fuel costs are subject to change for many reasons including supply, demand and world politics. Our electricity heating cost comparison graph is updated monthly for your convenience.

What are my choices for electric heat? Examples include energy-efficient heat pumps, thermal storage, baseboard, decorative fireplaces and a variety of portable space heaters.

Where can I find more information on heating with electricity? Heating contractors, electricians, electric supply houses and home stores are good sources of information.

Will my current wiring, outlets and circuit breakers handle additional space heating equipment? You should have a licensed electrician inspect your electrical system to ensure it is safe for your intended use.

Should I choose electricity to heat my home and hot water if natural gas is available? Natural gas is often the lowest cost fuel; before you decide to use electric heat, compare the cost of natural gas in your area with the cost of electricity. With any heating choice you make, always consider what fuels are available, what their price is and what their past price volatility has been before making your choice.