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portable, electric space heaters

Warm up to electric space heat and save on your overall heating bill. Chilly nights often call for extra warmth in your home. You can avoid turning up the furnace and raising the temperature of your whole house by using electric heat to provide you with the extra warmth you need, right where you need it. 

Use an energy-efficient, portable electric space heater to heat a room or area. It is an easy, economical way to stay warm and comfortable while saving on your overall heating costs.

Here are some examples where using electric heat can lower your overall energy costs:

  • Cold rooms. Got a room, maybe one with lots of windows or a northern exposure, where the central heating system never seems to catch up with the chill? Plug in the electric space heater!
  • Quick warm-ups. Electric space heat is just the ticket for chasing the drafts from the bathroom — or any other small space — on those cold mornings. Turn it on and get that cozy, warm feeling.
  • Cold-sensitive family members. When one person is cold, and everybody else is comfortable, an efficient portable space heater can take the temperature up a notch in just one part of the room.
  • Living spaces. Maybe everyone’s in the den, and it feels a bit cold, but you don’t want to turn up the thermostat and waste heat in other empty rooms. An electric space heater will warm up the family without burning through your budget.
  • Work spaces. Anyone who spends time in an unheated garage, cellar, barn or storage space will welcome the comfort provided by an electric space heater. Choose a style and size to fit the space.
  • Unheated areas. If you have upper floors or additions without central heating, an electric space heater can be an affordable alternative to costly heating system installation. Passive convective or fan-forced convective units work well in larger areas.

Will Space Heaters Save Energy for You?
Generally speaking, if the area you need to heat is about one-third the size of the heated area controlled by your thermostat or smaller, using electric heat to boost the temperature is generally less expensive and uses less energy than using your central heating system.

Many heaters have variable power settings. Using the right power setting to heat will improve your energy efficiency. Without any other heating sources, a 1,500-watt portable electric heater can heat a room that's about 150 square feet. Electric baseboard heaters are typically 250 watts per foot, so the average 6-foot heater uses 1,500-watts like most portables.

Safety Tips

  • Choose models that have automatic safety switches that turn off the heater if it is tipped over accidentally.
  • Do not overload circuits.
  • Never leave the heater unattended and never leave the house or go to bed without turning off the heater. Always turn off and unplug the heater when it's not being used.
  • Keep the cord and heater away from high traffic areas.
  • Never use electric space heaters with an extension cord.
  • Read and follow all manufacturer's instructions.



did you know?

Features to look for:

  • adjustable  thermostat
  • auto-safety shutoff system
  • tip-over switch
  • variable heat settings
  • "cool touch" housing
  • energy efficient
  • no exposed heating elements
  • child-resistant controls

Electric space heaters are:

  • fast, focused heat
  • inexpensive to purchase
  • clean –- no flame, no fumes
  • money and energy saving by adding heat only where you need it
  • easy – no wood to carry or fuel to add – just plug it in