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pay your bill by credit card

Want the convenience of credit card payment for your NYSEG bill?NYSEG customers can now make payments by credit card.

There is a $2.95 convenience fee for this service. While you will be paying your account with NYSEG, the full amount of the $2.95 fee is passed to KUBRA, the provider of the service. Prefer no-cost payment options? View our full range of ways to pay your bill here.

You will be able to accept or decline the payment after the total amount is calculated. Once you accept the payment amount, the pay agent will provide your payment – minus the convenience fee – to NYSEG. Please allow up to three days for processing.


Here are answers to frequently asked questions:

What is KUBRA?
KUBRA is a company with which NYSEG has contracted to allow customers to pay their NYSEG bills by credit or debit cards.

What credit cards are accepted?
Make a single electronic payment with NYSEG’s EZ-Pay by using a debit or ATM card with the Pulse or STAR logo, or charging it to your MasterCard, VISA, or Discover card.

How do I pay by credit card?
You can pay by clicking here and following the prompts.

Can I pay by credit card anytime?
Yes – you can use the KUBRA Website 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What do I need to pay by credit card?
You will need your NYSEG bill, your 11-digit NYSEG account number, and your credit
card information.

When will my payment be posted to my account?
You should allow three business days for payment to be posted to your account. To avoid a late payment charge, please make your payment at least three business days before the
"Last Day to Pay" date shown on page one of your bill.

Do I get a confirmation number when I make my payment?
Yes. Please save the number for your records. By providing your email address when prompted, the confirmation number will be sent right to you.

Is there a fee for using this payment option?
There is a fee that is added to your transaction. This convenience fee covers the cost of offering you an alternate way of paying in a safe and secure environment. While you are
paying your bill with NYSEG, the full amount of the $2.95 fee is passed to KUBRA, the provider of the service.

Why is the convenience fee charged to my credit card instead of my utility bill?
NYS Public Service Commission-approved rates do not allow NYSEG to include the convenience fee in your bill. The charge represents the cost to process your payment in a secure manner. The full amount of the $2.95 fee is passed to KUBRA, the provider of this service. NYSEG does not retain this convenience fee.

If I need help with the transaction, what do I do?
Please contact NYSEG Customer Service, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m.-7 p.m., excluding holidays. The toll-free customer service line number is 1.888.315.1755

 If I incorrectly make a payment on my NYSEG bill through KUBRA, how do I get the payment corrected?
You should contact NYSEG Customer Service at 1.888.315.1755

 Can I make a payment on a NYSEG account that is not in my name?
Yes, as long as we have your complete credit card information, including the name on the credit card, the amount you wish to pay, and the NYSEG account number you are paying.


making a payment
for a termination
notice on or after
the due date?

Please contact us at 1.888.315.1755 Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.


did you know?

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rapid refund cards

If you have a "rapid refund" debit card from your tax preparer, you can use it to make a payment as long as it displays a MasterCard, Visa or Discover logo.