Electric Vehicle Programs for Your Home

Charge Smart, Earn Rewards: Join OptimizEV to Power Up Your Home EV Charging Routine

By participating in OptimizEV, you’ll help to create a more sustainable future and earn incentives, simply by adopting a smart electric vehicle (EV) charging routine that shifts the bulk of your charging to off-peak times to help balance the electrical grid and drive down energy costs.

OptimizEV offers two tiers of participation, so you can select the option that best suits your home EV charging routine.

In the Baseline Tier, you will receive a one-time enrollment incentive of $25.00 and monthly on-going incentives when you shift 80% or more of your home charging to off peak times.

In the Advanced Tier, you will receive a one-time enrollment incentive of $150.00 for setting up a custom charging schedule that includes the amount of charge you need and when you need it by, as well as allowing us to manage the amount of electricity your EV receives during scheduled charging sessions for maximum benefit to the grid. You’ll earn monthly incentives simply by sticking to your charging schedule.

Regardless of the tier you choose, you’ll participate, track your progress and receive insightful feedback via our easy-to-use web portal or mobile app.

For more information on OptimizEV, including full eligibility and participation requirements, please read our Terms and Conditions.

To participate in OptimizEV, we need to be able to communicate with either your EV or your EV charger. Please check out the Qualifying Products List to make sure you have compatible equipment.

Enrollment in OptimizEV is easy! Get started by downloading and completing the application below and emailing your completed application to us at HomeEV@nyseg.com. We’ll confirm your enrollment by email within seven business days.

Get Started Now

Once you have submitted the application above, please download the free mobile ev. energy app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. After downloading the mobile app, select the “Have an Invite Code?” link on the welcome screen. Use Invite code NYSEG25 to join the Baseline Tier or Invite Code NYSEG150 to join the Advanced Tier.

Link to the NYSEG app on the Apple App Store   Link to the NYSEG app on the Google Play Store

For More Information, please contact an energy specialist at HomeEV@nyseg.com.

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