A message from NYSEG President and CEO Carl A Taylor to our customers

BINGHAMTON, NY — April 6, 2020

While the ongoing coronavirus response is creating challenges in communities across the state, I wanted to take a moment and assure you that our company continues to work each day to provide you with safe and reliable electric and natural gas service. While my personal motto of “Customers First” finds its way into every conversation I have and email that I write, it’s equally important that you know we care deeply about the communities and people that we serve. That’s why NYSEG has taken several additional steps to support our customers and communities during this time.

Our Customers

First and foremost, our mission each day is to meet the energy needs of our customers. While storms and unexpected events – such as the current pandemic – may change the way we work in the short-term, the men and women of our company remain committed to their trade. As such, outside work that is necessary to help maintain the reliability and safety of our service will continue. However, we will continue to follow best practices as outlined by the CDC – including social distancing and sound hygiene practices. To assist customers that have fallen on hard times as a result of the coronavirus we announced last month that we would temporarily suspended shut-offs and late fees associated with non-payments. If you find yourself suffering a hardship, I encourage you to contact our customer service team to make arrangements that may assist you. We’ve also taken steps to protect the health of our customers by suspending all non-emergency indoor work, including indoor meter readings. As the situation evolves we’ll continue to evaluate the necessary steps we must take to support you during this time.

Our Community

As you may know, we have made a number of announcements in recent weeks related to our efforts to support the communities that we serve. Recently, the company donated to New York State 17,700 N95 and surgical masks to support the health care workers on the front lines of this pandemic. We were proud to make that contribution and know it will help to make a difference. Additionally, just last week, our company, along with our parent company, AVANGRID, announced a $2 million commitment to assist organizations that are providing care for people impacted by the coronavirus. This commitment will be paid using corporate funds and will help both national programs such as Meals on Wheels and local organizations that have a direct impact in the communities that we serve.

Our Employees

The backbone of our company consists of the men and women who show up each day to serve you. While we have taken a number of steps to keep them safe and continue to refine our procedures, many have essential first responder roles and are working in the office and field. Our employees will continue to complete essential outside work that helps to improve the resiliency and reliability of our electric and natural gas delivery systems. Likewise, our dedicated customer service team continues to work to help put customers first. Please know that the men and women of NYSEG are here for you and are working on your behalf.

We are facing this situation head on. Our customers, communities and employees will continue to have our unwavering support. I hope that families stay healthy during these difficult times. 

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