Commercial and Industrial Rebate Catalogs



Open the links below to see the current program offerings.

Apply for rebates and track approval status via our NGAGE® application portal:

Apply Now

If you prefer to apply manually via email download our rebate application .

Preapproval (NEW) is optional for eligible prescriptive projects (as listed in rebate catalogs) and required for all custom projects.

Please contact the program team at 888.316.8023 or send an email if you have any questions or need assistance.


  1. Verify that your project is eligible and meets the eligibility requirements specified in the relevant catalog(s) below.
  2. Determine if your project needs pre-approval (required for custom rebates).
    o    If yes, submit for pre-approval using the NGAGE® application portal
    o    If no, skip to Step 3
  3. Execute project
  4. Submit your application package via:
    NGAGE® application portal (preferred) – portal guide available here.
    Email application package to 
  5. All applications will be reviewed for eligibility and completeness.
  6. Completed applications will be reviewed in the order received.
  7. Applicants who submit incomplete applications will be notified of deficiencies.
  8. If your project is selected for inspection, you will be notified in advance to schedule a site visit.
  9. Upon review and approval of the application, we will authorize payment. The incentive check will be mailed 6 to 8 weeks after project completion and approval.
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