Energy Manager

Powered by your smart meter, Energy Manager lets you see your energy use down to the hour.

Our free and secure online tool can help you understand your energy usage. After your smart meter is installed, it may take some time to set up your Energy Manager experience. As soon as it is available, it will automatically appear in your My Account.

Over time, Energy Manager will provide additional features as more of your energy use history becomes available.

Complete your home or business profile for personalized tips and action plans to help you manage your monthly energy use. Other features include:

  • View your energy use down to the hour
  • Download your energy use data
  • Complete short quizzes for your home, or complete your business location profile, to receive future personalized savings tips and insights

Future features include:

  • See a breakdown of your energy use by category (heating, cooling, lighting, hot water)
  • Compare your home or business with similar properties
  • Gain insights into your billing, allowing you to compare rates that may help you make decisions based on your usage history

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