Ithaca Transmission Upgrades

As part of our commitment to provide safe, affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy to all of our customers, New York State Electric & Gas (“NYSEG”) is updating our delivery system in our service areas.

NYSEG is launching multi-year energy grid upgrades that will ensure compliance with new mandatory reliability requirements. These projects will create a more reliable and resilient energy grid by upgrading key substations and transmission infrastructure to meet the reliability and growing needs of our communities and the energy demands of the local economy.


Currently, NYSEG is planning upgrades in Ithaca.

The areas between the Coddington and Etna Roads as well as parts of the East Ithaca area are in need of various upgrades to comply with new federal electric transmission reliability requirements. The project includes replacing wood poles with steel structures, and the installation of larger more durable poles. In addition, our crews will replace six miles of optical grounding wire (OPGW) between Etna and Coddington.  There will also be three miles of conductor replacement in order to increase overall load capacity.




For additional questions, please call the Projects Information Line at: 833.551.4200 and reference Brightline BES Ithaca

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