Line 879 Upgrades

As part of our commitment to provide safe, affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy to all of our customers, New York State Electric & Gas (“NYSEG”) is updating our delivery system in our service areas.

NYSEG is launching multi-year energy grid upgrades that will ensure compliance with new mandatory reliability requirements. These projects will create a more reliable and resilient energy grid by upgrading key substations and transmission infrastructure to meet the reliability and growing needs of our communities and the energy demands of the local economy.


Currently, NYSEG is planning upgrades in Plattsburgh, Peru, and Au Sable.

The project, located in the towns of Plattsburgh, Peru and Au Sable, include but are not limited to Hammond Lane, Route 22, Arizona Avenue, S Junction Road, Bear Swamp Road, and Old State Road, as well as the streets in between and in the vicinity of these areas. This work will ensure a more reliable service and updated infrastructure for the businesses and residents.




For additional questions, please call the Projects Information Line at: 833.551.4200 and reference the Line 879 Upgrades.

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