NYSEG Sponsors Ithaca Bikeshare Program

NYSEG works with local organizations to help Ithaca achieve climate goals

Binghamton, NY – April 20, 2023 — New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG) has sponsored 400 electric bikes as part of the Center for Community Transportation (CCT) and Ithaca Area Economic Development’s Ithaca Bikeshare Program. CCT is deploying the bikes throughout the urban center of Ithaca over the next year to promote the idea of sustainability while also providing a value-add for businesses and commuters.

“The City of Ithaca is at the forefront of important statewide discussions on carbon neutrality,” said NYSEG President and CEO Trish Nilsen. “Our bikeshare sponsorship was a way for NYSEG to promote our collaboration with Ithaca Area Economic Development while also working to improve the quality of life for Ithaca residents with sustainability in mind.”

Ithaca has goal to reach carbon neutrality by 2030, and a large part of the plan to attain that goal is to make the city more pedestrian friendly. Giving people travel alternatives to cars is one of those alternatives, while making downtown Ithaca less congested and more attractive to people who do not own cars.

“At CCT, we envision a community where travel by shared and active transportation is healthy, safe, affordable, and convenient for all,” said Jeff Goodmark, director of Micromobility at the Center for Community Transportation. “Knowing we can count on support from allies like NYSEG to bring social equity and environmental sustainability to our transportation options in Ithaca helps usher in the era of new transportation options and emerging mobility trends.”

The bicycles are already available for rent within the city, including the Ithaca College and Cornell University campuses. The pedal-assist e-bikes sponsored by NYSEG ride like any other bicycle. Riders use the pedals to get moving and squeeze the brakes on the handlebars to slow down or come to a stop. As riders pedal, a small electric motor adds assistance to boost momentum, making it easier to go long distances or ride up steep hills. 

For more information, please visit: Ithaca Bikeshare

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