Safety and Training

First Responder Safety and Training

Whether you are a first responder to an emergency that involves electricity or natural gas, or wish to share information with responders or the general public, we have resources available to help you share safety information.

  • Emergency Responders and Electric Hazards: Through our partner, AEGIS, we are able to share videos targeted towards recognizing and responding to emergencies involving electricity service. Click here to view the videos and learn more; we encourage sharing these videos with anyone who may be involved in an emergency.
  • Natural Gas Safety: Click here to view our natural gas safety page, which includes steps for first responders to follow during emergencies that may involve natural gas, along with general tips for natural gas safety, pipeline safety and recognizing carbon monoxide dangers.
  • Dig Safely. New York: Click here to visit the Dig Safely. New York website which includes - along with homeowner, excavator and utility information - a series of first responder safety videos and an opportunity to schedule special training.
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