Dansville Remediation Project

Dansville Remediation Project

As part of our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship, The Dansville Manufacturing Gas Plant (MGP) site will be remediated beginning the third quarter of 2020. 

The site consists of property at 50 Ossian Street, currently owned by NYSEG. The property is approximately 2.25 acres and contains a building used as an operational service center and storage facility of utility equipment.

While we never owned nor operated the MGP, we acquired responsibility of the environmental impacts left behind by its operation when we merged with New York Central Electric Company in 1937.

The site is divided into two operable units:

  • Operable unit 1 (OU-1) - is the on site source area, consisting of soil above and below the groundwater table
  • Operable unit 2 (OU-2) - is comprised of soil from the remaining portion of the MGP property not covered by OU-1, and groundwater both on and off site.

The selected remedy for OU-1 was implemented beginning in 2014 and completed in 2015 and included excavation and off site treatment and/or disposal of MGP impacted soil. The remedial investigation of the subsurface conditions at OU-2 was completed in 2017. Further details pertaining to our cleanup efforts can be found in our fact sheet below.

We are committed to responsible management of this site and a clean environment for generations of New Yorkers. 


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