Lockport Remediation Project

Lockport Remediation Project

 Cleanup activities at the Lockport Manufacturing Gas Plant (MGP) are part of our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship.

Remediation efforts are being conducted in two phases, with the first one beginning in 2014.

The Lockport Transit Street MGP site is a 0.87 acre parcel and is currently being used as an electrical substation. The site is bordered by S. Transit Street to the west, LaGrange Street to the north, and Saxton Street to the east.

The parcel was originally home to a manufactured gas plant (MGP) which produces combustible gas from coal and oil from 1851-1927. While we never owned nor operated the site while it was used as a MGP, we acquired responsibility for the environmental impacts left behind from its operation as a result of the purchase from Lockport Light, Heath & Power Company in 1948.

Our remediation efforts for the site will achieve cleanup levels that protect public health and the environment and include the following key components:

  • Excavation of contaminated soil from the site and under LaGrange Street;
  • Construction of a sheet pile barrier wall on the eastern and southern perimeter of the site to prevent the migration of contamination;
  • Installation of a collection trench and recovery wells to collect contamination for disposal;
  • Installation of a subsurface bedrock grout wall gradient from the site and along the New York State Barge Canal to seal off pathways for contaminant migration; and
  • Placement of a cover system on the site.

We are committed to responsible management of this site and a clean environment for generations of New Yorkers. 


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