Seneca Falls Remediation Project

Seneca Falls Remediation Project

Remediation efforts are now underway at the site located at 187 Fall Street in the Village of Seneca Falls, NY. The parcel consists of approximately 1.2 acres of land located between Fall Street (NYS Route 15) to the north and the Seneca River and Canal waterway to the south.

From approximately 1856 until approximately 1903, the site was home to a manufactured gas plant (MGP) which produced combustible gas from coal and oil.  After the MGP closed in 1903 and through 1944, the site was unused and portions of the MGP were demolished. Following the demolition, a commercial building was constructed and used for various retail establishments and eventually was demolished in 2009.

Cleanup work will specifically take place on the former MGP site at 187 Fall Street, the adjacent eastern parcel at 185 Fall Street, and within the Seneca River and Canal waterway. Our priority is to achieve cleanup levels that protect public health and the environment.  Under New York’s State Superfund Program, we will be performing the remediation through a qualified contractor with oversight provided by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). This project is expected to take eight months to complete and include the following key components:

  • Removal of contaminated soil and on-site subsurface structures such as building foundations, gas tanks and buried piping
  • Backfilling area with new clean soil
  • Construction of a new gravel parking lot
  • Implementing institutional controls in the form of environmental easements
  • Developing a Site Management Plan (SMP) that describes the post remedial action monitoring to be completed

We are committed to responsible management of this site and a clean environment for generations of New Yorkers. 


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