Understanding Energy Use

Understanding Energy Use

Smart meters offer greater convenience, more control, and expanded choice in understanding and managing your energy use.

With new energy management tools at your fingertips, powered by your smart meter, you can better understand your energy use and take steps to control your monthly bills.

Energy Manager

Our online Energy Manager tool will connect you with your energy use and customized recommendations to save energy. After your smart meter is installed, you’ll have access to detailed energy use down to the hour to better understand how you’re using energy in your home or business.

EnergyTrack usage reports

EnergyTrack will send a monthly snapshot of your electricity use right to your inbox so you can make smart adjustments. Update your email address in My Account to make sure you don’t miss out!

Usage Alerts

Usage Alerts can help you stay up to date on how much energy you’re using by sending automatic updates on your energy usage and costs. In future, you’ll be able to turn on your preferred alerts, similar to our Meter Read and Outage Alerts, so you’re able to manage changes and plan for monthly bills.

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How will a smart meter help me?

Smart meters use two-way wireless communications to securely enable detailed hourly usage information and meter status, so you can make more informed decisions to get the most out of every energy dollar. Learn more about what you can expect with a smart meter.

Smart Meters and What You Can Expect

Smart meter installation

Our new standard smart meters will be installed across our service areas over the next couple of years. Find out when we'll be in your area and what you can expect during our visit.

Installation Information

Resource Center

Connect with resources including our frequently asked questions and upcoming events, including in-person open houses where you can learn about smart meters, when we'll be upgrading in your area and new tools powered by your smart meter.

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