Appliance Recycling Program

Appliance Recycling Program

No-Contact Pickup of Appliances

Our program partner ARCA offers a no-contact option for picking up your qualifying appliance outside of your home: in a driveway, garage, etc. With the appropriate paperwork left inside the appliance, ARCA can safely pick up the unit without any direct interaction or contact.

Safe In-Home Pickup of Appliances

If you cannot leave your appliance outside of your home, ARCA still offers in-home pickup with the following safety precautions:

  1. We ask you to maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet from ARCA’s team.
  2. ARCA’s team will wear PPE, including masks, safety glasses and gloves.

For questions regarding this program, please call ARCA at 888.646.3208

Recycle your old fridge and get $50

Chances are your old refrigerator or freezer is adding to your electricity bill by an average of $150 a year. Recycle it, reduce your energy use and keep harmful materials out of landfills. We’ll pick it up for free and you'll pick up $50. 

Get an extra $10

Now you can also recycle an old working room air conditioner with your qualifying refrigerator or freezer pickup appointment and get an extra $10!

Recycle in three easy steps

  1. Schedule your pickup appointment online or call 888.646.3208.
  2. We pick up your appliance(s) safely from inside your home, or we can pick it up from outside your home with our no-contact pickup option.
  3. We mail you a check!

What we offer

  • Free safe pickup of your old unit(s)
  • $50 check for each qualifying refrigerator or freezer
  • $10 for a working room air conditioner picked up with your refrigerator or freezer

Who is eligible

You must be a residential NYSEG electricity customer and own the unit(s) to be recycled.

The refrigerator or freezer must be:

  • Between 10 and 30 cubic feet in size
  • Clean and empty
  • Plugged in and cooling at time of pickup
  • Accessible with a clear path for removal

We’ll pick up two units per residential address per year. You will receive your check within 6 to 8 weeks from your pickup date.

The room air conditioning unit must be:

  • Working
  • Accessible with a clear path for removal
  • Picked up with qualifying refrigerator or freezer

We’ll pick up two units per residential address per year. You will receive your check within 6 to 8 weeks from your pickup date.

Savings calculator 

Answer a few questions to find out how much your refrigerator or freezer costs to operate, and how much you can save with this ENERGY STAR Refrigerator Retirement Savings Calculator.

Responsible Appliance Disposal Program Partner

We are proud to be a Responsible Appliance Disposal Program partner.


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