Commercial Wind Energy

NYSEG offers Wind Energy to businesses and institutions looking for a way to practice conservation and reduce reliance on foreign energy sources. Wind Energy allows you to support the generation of clean, renewable wind-generated electricity.

Demonstrate your commitment to the environment by purchasing clean, renewable wind energy. For ordering information, please  Write to NYSEG , or you can call 1.800.35.NYSEG (800.356.9734).

Environmental Leadership

NYSEG is offering Wind Energy, a product of 3Degrees, to those customers who want to affirm and strengthen their commitment to the environment. Many businesses and other organizations are already participating. These pioneering efforts are helping commercialize wind projects, expanding the availability of clean, renewable energy.

Your Contribution

You can incorporate Wind Energy into your organization's power mix, regardless of who supplies your electricity. And you can participate at virtually any level you choose, purchasing anywhere from 5% to 100% of your power use from wind turbines. The wind energy that you purchase is delivered to the power grid for statewide distribution. You will receive a certificate that documents your ownership of air emission and carbon reduction credits.

Generate Value for Your Business

Supporting Wind Energy signals your commitment to enhancing our environment.
The myriad benefits of Wind Energy include:

  • A renewable, clean energy source that can never be depleted
  • Environmental leadership: the more clean energy is purchased, the more wind farms will be developed
  • "Green" positioning of your company and products
  • Increased employee and customer loyalty
  • Community support, approval and admiration
  • An enhanced corporate image that gives you an advantage over your competitors

Learn More

For more information, review the  product content label  or visit the Wind Energy website to learn more about this program

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