Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program

Our Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program offers no-cost energy assessments and low to no cost equipment upgrades in apartment and condominium complexes. We're here to provide the expert guidance you need to ensure a safe, healthy and cost-effective living environment.


  • FREE energy assessment to assess energy usage and identify opportunities to increase efficiency
  • FREE installation of in-unit LED screw-in lighting
  • FREE installation of low-flow showerheads, aerators and water heater pipe wrap in dwelling units where water is heated by electricity or natural gas
  • FREE installation of programmable setback thermostats
  • 70% incentive of interior and exterior common area hard wired lighting replacement
  • 70% incentive for installation of occupancy sensors
  • Incentives for installation of air sealing and insulation for electric and heat heated buildings (incentives based on energy savings)

In addition, our partner RISE Engineering, offers the assurance of expert installation and the convenience of comprehensive service.

Please note: The Multifamily Energy Efficiency program has a network of vetted and qualified installers and energy specialists who will perform the installation of the contracted measures.

*All measures must meet eligibility requirements to qualify for rebates.


Property owners/Managers of Multifamily buildings with 5+ units and an active NYSEG electricity and/or natural gas service.

  • High or Low-rise Multifamily buildings (5 or more units under 1 roof)
  • On or Off-Campus Greek Life Student Housing
  • Townhomes
  • Condominiums

Property owners and agents who do not see your building type listed or have additional questions may call 800.444.5668 to determine if their buildings are eligible for a free energy assessment.

Residents who live in multifamily residences are encouraged to let their landlord or property manager know about the multifamily energy savings opportunities offered by NYSEG.


There’s no better way to increase the value and appeal of your building than with energy-efficient upgrades and valuable incentives that will help lower your energy bills and provide a more comfortable environment for your tenants.

  • Lower energy bills for building owners
  • Lower energy bills for residents
  • Decreased maintenance
  • Increased resident comfort and satisfaction
  • Improved building appearance
  • Increased safety


If you’re ready to pursue an eligible project, please apply online, call 800.444.5668 or send an email to


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